Part 12 – For You From Him

There will always be things that will disturb my spirit. You showed me today that even when we are in conference, satan will interject and confuse me.

I feel myself getting stronger and my flesh weakening, but my flesh is relentless and satan is always tap dancing in my brain working with my flesh to confuse , manipulate, taunt and make me believe his insane lies.

Lord, now that I am in tune with you, I am aware of satan’s presence, but today he spoke to me as You speak. I knew it wasn’t You at times by the way he spoke and some of the things he said were just not quite right with what I’ve come to know about You.

Thank You for stepping in and crushing him in my presence. I do not understand why he persists when he know he cannot win against You. Is he that stupid? Does he really believe that he will win this war which he provoked?

You tell me, “He believes if he can gather enough souls, he will have adequate or enough power when united with his league of fallen angels and himself to finally take full control in a physical form of the world. He believes that he will finally make all mankind bow down to him and work for him under his rule before destroying mankind and bringing forth all his collected souls. He lusts for defeat against the Father. He lusts to prove to the Father that he is indeed capable of controlling and destroying mankind. He lusts to see the look of defeat on the Fathers face. And he lusts to make the Father kneel to him. His pride, lust, slothfullness, envy, jealously, greed and anger have consumed him and he will keep going until he is ultimately destroyed by the hand of God. He can do nothing other.”

“Do not concern yourself so much with what must come in order to fulfill the scriptures. Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow can worry about itself.  Worry is not of Me.  Of Me means to be at peace and in harmony with everything around you. The plants, vines, bushes, trees, flora, animals in the water, on the land and in the skies. And even everything crawling is One under Me. Everything living with the exception of mankind is already One with Me and the Father. Mankind is the only species with free will. Mankind chooses not to accept the truth. They separate themselves, disconnecting with all other life forms and sometimes even with themselves. Free will is a fickle yet necessary element for humanity to survive, grow, develop and evolve. All of this must take place in order for them to break free from the human flesh and ascend from whence they came. As only the pure of heart can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only through the good use of the gift of free will can man come to Me before going to the Father. This is what My lambs must know. Using the Heavenly Blessing of free will for good for what is of the Father prevents evil and it cannot exist because then is when mankind will no longer succumb to evil.  Using free will for good always eliminates evil.  Mankind has yet to master and tame his gift. For this gift is wild if unleashed and terrible and evil. Yet this gift is wild yet tameable as is possible with wild animals. Once tamed for only good, when unleashed its power will destroy evil.  Use your gift wisely.  If mankind continues using this gift for evil, for what is not of God they will allow satan to reign and satan will remove this gift of free will in the end. There will be no more choice or free will under him. Mankind will only do as satan says do and satan will crush mankind as he has always strived to do. He will destroy mankind with the very gift bestowed upon mankind by the Father. This he dreams in order to crush the Father by destroying His most precious creation. He is a lustful murderer filled with pride and envy. He longs to throw the Fathers most precious creation in His face. Claiming victory over mankind. Although delusional he is destructive and he has already consumed so many. So many have already died in sin in this flesh and they will never escape the brimstone and all-consuming fire for all eternity. They have used their free will and have chosen.” 

“Now we seek out My sheep. Guide and teach them to feel and sense with the souls of their spirits, the precise moment of choice in every single thing and learn to force their untamed gift to be used for good. As anything learned new, over time they will master the art of using free will for good, only good.  Then will they begin to understand and then will the Father call them to Me.  Mankind deems choice as natural.  Something taken for granted. But as the Father gives He can also take away. I am calling Mine. Some are lost and every single one will be found. I will not lose any of My sheep. I am the Resurrection and the Life. Those who come to Me will never die.  Seek them out and feed them.  This, I command you. Let no one or anything stop you for this is My will. Seek not only outside the flock but also from within. There are many amongst my flock that have had their eyes put out and can no longer see and their hearts grow weary. They remain in the flock because they know My Voice.  Attend to them.”

Lord, I know You are with me as my heart fills and my eyes burst with tears.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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