Good Friday Message

“Do you see the two pots where you have used new soil in both?”

“Do you see how one pot is now bursting with new life all around it?”

“Do you see how one pot has no sign of life and it remains only soil?”

Yes Father, I see and have been wondering about that.

“You are a good gardener but not even a good gardener can force the seeds trapped in darkness below the soil to reach toward the surface, toward the Light.  Only the seeds with the will to survive and that are born with the indigenous instinct to reach to the Light will reach, so life will flourish. Seeds are either good or bad but there are some in between that could either grow or whither. The seeds that are lazy and choose not to reach for the Light will wither in the cold dark soil. They become part of the soil over time as they are consumed by the soil. I have done this so you can see and fully understand. The soil is only soil now and has no fruit to bear. Now you decide what it is that you are to do with this barren pot.”

Father, You are now speaking in parables rather than in the plain speech I’ve come to expect from You. I do understand Your true meaning of this and You have now brought me face to face with what I have been fighting my flesh to know. Both my soul and my flesh want to hold on to the barren pot filled with soil and pray to You to make the seeds grow because I know if it is Your will, they will grow.

My flesh wants to hold on to those I’ve cherished, nurtured and prayed for, for all these years. My soul, who I really am loves them and I cannot find it within myself or my flesh to let go and plant new seeds. Oh Father, this is a very hard lesson indeed. Lord have mercy on me for my resistance. As You know, I need time to digest, comprehend and adjust in order that my inner strength increase. In order for me to even begin to understand and comprehend and accept  what is Your will. I recognize the changes in front of me although subtle, they are assertive and I stop to understand why this change must be so I am ready to take the next leap to the next stepping stone in life.

Lord, You are soft and bittersweet at the same time and I understand why. You are wise beyond comprehension and in everything there is a lesson and we learn those lessons when it is our time to learn those lessons. You guide us with an ever gentle yet stern hand.

Now I feel a need to rest and adjust. I love You Lord. Stay close as I sleep.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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