Controlling My Flesh

Today I feel myself short-tempered, slightly on edge but yet relaxed and in thought about Your last message.

I will do as You command. I suppose it is my flesh that is annoying my existence. It never wants to do what is right. Always battling against what is good. It wants drink, smoke, exposure. It is really beginning to get on my nerves. If only my flesh would leave me in peace, this task You have given me would be easy. The flesh tries desperately now to make me believe that it is me who is deciding when it is fooling me to get its way. I now know the thin line it treads around my soul, around me. It is not as strong as it believes or positions itself to be. I am much stronger just unpracticed. I know You are telling me the truth. Over time I will dominate and enslave my flesh. My flesh will be stripped of its seniority over me. It will do exactly as I say do as this body is mine. This flesh is a means to be physically mobile. It is as driving a boat.

Do we allow the boat to drive for us or do we drive the boat?

I am the owner and driver of this boat and it will go where and how I say go.  If it resists me, I will crash it on purpose and it will bear the dents and scratches for challenging me. It will learn its place. It can and will be tamed. You’re the Captain of this ship Lord.

Thank You for giving me one more lesson. I love You Lord and I feel stronger everyday. I am on a mission to get home and bring a huge flock of sheep to present to You upon my arrival.  As You said someone reaps and someone sows and I am reaping fields planted and sown by someone else.  You.


2 thoughts on “Controlling My Flesh

  1. Lessons are fabulous, THE DAY AFTER !! lol….I had a horrid day yesterday, nut today I have seen why I HAD TO HAVE IT… order for events today to take place.

    1. Everyday is a stepping stone we must stand on in order to acquire information and experience that prepares us for the next stepping stone of each day. If we miss just one step we will not prepared for the next. One day at a time. Baby steps :o)

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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