Knowing someone has been in your home while you were away is one of the most alarming and upsetting feelings one can experience.

It is a violation that can hardly be expressed into words. To know someone has been through your things, touched them and enjoyed them. They have intruded upon your personal space and tarnished it’s serenity.

The bird eggs are gone.

Your home now feels almost as if alien and unsafe.

A sullen, sinking feeling.  A type of defeat foreign and unfamiliar.

Shoving the imagination into a whirlwind of scenarios and suspicions.

Your comfort zone no longer represents comfort.

The your natural indigenous will to survive ignites and strength builds from within making you stronger, harder, more determined for battle.

Secure the fortress. Install stronger locks and the surveillance systems of all systems.

Catching the intruder becomes your grandest wish. Preventing the intruder becomes your mission.

You call anyone, everyone to report the news, seeking reassurance and support. You rant, vent, rave using all forms of vulgarity, releasing the inner turmoil.

Wishing the intruder much harm provides a diabolical sense of comfort and joy to the flesh.

Then your souls kicks you from within and shows you how satan has begun weaving you into his web.

Then you stop. Sit Quiet with the Father and peace returns. Defeat turns into inner strength and your armour of God is polished a bit more.

In the very recent past satan would have trapped you by making you feel that the feelings of resentment, hate, disrespect, revenge and judgment are nice and good and righteous.

Now God has you in the palm of His had and He smashes satan’s web and releases you from bondage once again.

The flesh wants to win but the spirit is stronger. You now recognize yet another means by which satan tries to trap you back into the slavery of sin.

You sharpen your blade, now more prepared for battle. Every ploy, every tactic he uses is crushed by the power of God, ever-increasing your knowledge of evil and satan becomes defenseless over time.

Thank you Rabi for yet another lesson in how to defeat the pathetic attempts of evil against the soul of my spirit.

satan Go To Hell!


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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