Part 10 – For You From Him

My children must not concern themselves with the means of life. Those who come to Me through My Son will want for nothing.

Those who come to Me only part of the way will never be satisfied. As it was told to Moses it will be told to you.

“I shall never again destroy man because of his sins, yet I shall torment him with dissatisfaction for only in Me shall he be satisfied.” This is my sworn covenant with man.

This does not mean that I will not destroy satan, his followers and all that is unpure in the earth. If mankind remains in Me I will remain in them. I will never destroy them for they have already passed from death to life.

The Almighty Father is telling us clearly that as long as mankind remains in Him, He will remain in mankind and will never again destroy mankind. But when the time comes when mankind completely turns away from Him and embraces evil and pretends and acts as if God does not exist and sin is predominant, He will destroy us and so He should because then it would be mankind breaking the covenant with God.

The world must be cleansed as that time comes for everything, including you, me and anyone who does not want to die in sin in this flesh, never to return from where we came.

We must be purged of sin, purified to ever enter the Holy ground of the Kingdon of Heaven. We must release our souls, our spirits of all impurities and turn away from sin. Look sin in the face and strike it down by invoking the Holy Spirit, St. Michael the Arch Angel and all the Angels and Saints. Sin will run and will think twice before plotting to invade and get to you again. But be prepared evil never gives up. But also remember that the dark has never put out the light.

You have access to the greatest power in the universe and yet so many choose to believe that if it is not made by the hand of man it is not real and it does not exist. How arrogant mankind has become!

This power is real. It is within each and every one of us. It is of the Spirit which is God. He is Pure Spirit. This power was placed in your flesh with the breath of life that only the Father can give. This power is the soul of your spirit.

A child in the womb may grow of the flesh but it will not live without the soul, which only God can administer through the breath of life.

When man destroys what God has given life to, he is sealing his fate of spiritual demise. Thou shalt not kill! Period.

Only the Father can forgive such sin should it be His will.

To sin against the Holy Spirit is the one sin God spoke of to the Apostle John, His beloved disciple, about in detail and clarity. Sinning against the Holy Spirit is the one sin that is unforgivable. The breath of life is Spirit. The Holy Spirit, which is part of God the Almighty. What God gives, man is now destroying. Stop killing His children!

The time has come where the numbers of mankind now turning their backs on God is increasing. If this number escalates and becomes majority and there is not one remaining in God, they will be responsible for the destruction of mankind. They become the enemies to those of us who want to survive.  To those that want mankind to survive because we know that we are God’s most precious creation.

This is when God will return and the final Holy war will begin and end. Heaven is ready!

Look at our world now. How many have turned their backs and have chosen to renounce God and even rebuke Him. They embrace the lustful sin of this world which is ruled by lucifer, satan the Father of all lies. They manipulate God’s laws to suit their own needs.

Have you ever stopped to think, to ask, How many in number are we? and How many in number are the non believers?

Are you a soldier for Christ or are you a foot soldier for satan?

We are not only fighting for our personal salvation but we are now fighting for the species of mankind to continue to exist!

satan is the ruler of this world we call home. But do not forget what Jesus told us. “The ruler of this world has already been judged.”  He was judged when he rose up and mounted an attack against the Thrown of God and he was thrown out of heaven and condemned.  Those who follow him are also condemned.

In this day and age you challenge these words as you are prompted to, by unpure spirits that you cannot see or hear with the flesh.  The flesh is weak in all aspects and is incapable. But your spirit is strong should you open your hearts and learn to see, hear, feel and sense with the soul of your spirit, who you really are. Your spirit recognises unpure entities and indigenously rebukes evil.

You  are now blindfolded into believing that your flesh is all there is of you.

This is a LIE conjured by the father of all lies.

Open your hearts, free your spirit, who you really are. You will begin to see more than is humanly possible. You reside within the human flesh which allows you to walk on the earth. You are God’s creation and you do not belong to this earth unless with your free will you choose this world over your heavenly Father.

satan wants you blindfolded. He want the real truth hidden from you. He wants you to believe that he does not exist because this belief gives him full liberty to use and manipulate you in any way he chooses and this will lead you to spiritual death.  That is the core of what he is after. What he has always been after. He wants to destroy God’s most love creation which is mankind. A spiritual being born into and existing in a human body with the gift of choice, free will. Jealous lucifer will stop at nothing to keep you blindfolded in order to destroy your soul. Who you really are.

You must open your hearts by first sitting quiet with your Father. Nothing but silence and you will begin to feel your spirit move within your body. Close your earthly human eyes and focus on the Father and talk to Him. Know He is sitting with you. Do this always daily and your heart will begin to open.

There are many layers blocking the opening but through prayer and meditation with the Father they will begin to pull away one by one. Be patient and really want it. Long for the truth and you shall find it. Talk out loud to Him and tell Him of your troubles and your guilt.  Tell Him what He already knows.  Do this for you in order to pull away the layers blocking the entrance to your soul. Free your spirit. You have been mislead and the Father is calling you to Him. Let Him break down the fortress of lies surrounding the entrance to your spirit, to your soul, to the core of who you really are, so you will finally know from whence you came.

You do not come from here!  You were granted the gift of being born and walking in the flesh but with always the idea that you would return from where you came. But you can only return if you use your free will and choose your real home and family over satan and this earth. If you choose this earth and satan, then you would be correct in saying that this flesh is all there is of you. Because who you really are will die in this flesh and you will never return home. You are spirit so if you die in sin in this flesh you will also burn for eternity in this flesh.

Do not let satan win!

You come from another life, a spiritual life and you are supposed to return to it.

Wake up. Remove the blindfold. Open your hearts, free your spirits. The Holy family wants you home. Fight for your lives. Your real lives. Not this one.

There is no more time for being luke warm. You are either with the Heavenly Kingdom of God or you are against it. You cannot be both.  You cannot serve two masters! Are you an enemy or are you on the side of the Kingdom of God?

If you are against the Father you are an enemy of mine. There is no in between.

The Lord has commanded me daily to gather His sheep and feed them. He is giving me these messages to feed them with. I can do only what He has asked of me. I am His.  In order to find His sheep I too am weeding out the bad. Anyone who claims to call me friend yet hates Jesus Christ, the Son of God, which means you hate God, you are not my friend. I am not yours. You are a grave enemy and I shall hold my tongue no longer. I will call you out. You will no longer eat at my table or I at yours. Your human smile can no longer cover up what is in your heart.

Cleanse your souls, unite with the Father. Decide now. Are you with the Kingdom of God or not?


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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