Indeed They Have

Okay, Lord. I sit where You said sit.

I sit alone amongst many groups of people joined as friends. Where are my friends?

I received no invitation for a beautiful day spent.

No one calls to offer me drink or food. I feed myself.  Always alone.  Where are my phone calls?

Should it always be me to invite or nothing happens?  Where are my invitations?

You said they would abandon me and indeed they have done so.

Sitting alone amongst thousands yet alone.

My phone never rings with the exception of debt collectors.  Collecting tariff from me of which I do not understand and will never be capable of satisfying.

I trust You but I still wonder as I sit amongst thousands of jovial faces.  Where are my friends?  Why are they not with me as all of these are with each other?

There is not one amongst these that can call me friend or I them.

Who are these people Lord?  From where do they come?  Do they know You?

I pretend they are all Yours as I sit comfortably on my own in my thoughts with You and only You.  It’s always You. You are the only constant in my life.  You to me – to all of them – are like my imaginary friend.  They believe something odd about me sitting all alone on such a beautiful day.  They too wonder, where are all of her friends?

I feel You want me alone, all to Yourself.  I feel You pulling me closer, wrapping Your cloak around me. I am as invisible to the world around me.  I still wonder, where are my friends?

Lord please keep them close.  For some of my prayer is in vain, as You have been preparing me for the disappointment.  For those who choose You over this world, keep them safe.  Make them alert and always aware of unpure spirits in their presence.  Bestow upon all Your children the gift of discernment as You have given me.  So that all may no longer be blinded by the destructive blindfold lucifer has tied around this world.

How many amongst these thousands I sit with are Your sheep Lord?  How can I possibly gather Your sheep and feed them as You diligently request from me daily?

How will they know that You sent me to gather them?  Oh Lord, I am only a small woman living amongst few who know You.  This task can only be accomplished with You leading me and guiding me.  I put all that I am in Your hands and I wait Your instruction.  I am Your humble servant waiting for Your guidance.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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