Part 8 – For You From Him

Many people in the world that love Jesus Christ, love the Father and love the Holy Spirit yet do not have love or full understanding of the Mother of the Christ. They give Her no praise or glory. Oh how that hurts Christ who is in the Father and the Father is in Him.

In order for the scriptures to come true, Mary had to submit to the will and power of God. She did submit and accepted Her role in the Heavenly Kingdom. She was pure of heart and a virgin at the time of conception. She conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.  She and Joseph were not yet married.  When the Angel of the Lord brought Mary the news that She was with child,  He also told Her that Her 50-year-old cousin Elizabeth was with child and that Mary should visit her. Before Mary and Joseph married, Mary’s mother allowed Her to travel to see Elizabeth because she believed Mary’s story about being with child, the child of God, the Saviour.  Mary’s mother made the decision because Mary’s father had already died and She had no brothers.

The moment Elizabeth’s ears heard Mary’s voice she told Mary that her baby leapt in her womb. The Angel of the Lord that had appeared to Elizabeth and announced to her that she bore the prophet child that would make ready the way for the Messiah said, that she would know the Blessed woman chosen by God to be the Mother of God. That by the power of God the fruit of her womb would make Her known.

When hearing Mary’s voice and feeling her child leap inside her, she fell to her knees and said to Mary, “You are Blessed amongst women. You are chosen by God.”

Mary replied, “My soul doth Magnify the Lord”

There have been only few in this world to understand the meaning of Mary’s reply. “My soul doth Magnify the Lord”

When those who claim to know and love Jesus are standing face to face with Him, will they then say to Him as they say to many of  His lambs, “Your Mother was just that, only a mother. She was and is not worthy of our prayer and adoration. She was your Mother not ours.”

What lack of respect they have for the Mother of God.  For the Mother of Heaven and earth.

Would they be so bold as to dishonour Her and show such lack of reverence and devotion, while Jesus is looking them straight in the eye?  I think not.  The boldest of preachers that have removed Mary’s honour and glory from the hearts and minds of the Almighty’s lambs will have much accounted upon them.  How can any child of His, dishonour the woman, God Himself called Blessed amongst women?  The woman who God’s hand touched and She became pregnant with His child, the Son of Man. The Messiah, the Saviour of the world. His Son who is in Him and He is in Him. They are One.

Believe not what mankind creates or says.  Believe with your hearts. Open your hearts and see and feel the Truth. God does not wish to be replaced in prayer by the Blessed Mother.  He does demand that Mary, the Mother of the Christ be honored, adored and held in high reverence over and above all women.  This includes your own earthly mothers.

When a child finds trouble in their lives and they feel intimidated or fear to go directly to their father, a child will go first to his mother for advise and guidance. He goes to the mother in hopes that she can intercede with the father on his behalf. The child knows that if he has the support of the mother then he will have the support of the father, should it be the fathers will.

It is the same with the Heavenly Family.  Pray to your Heavenly Mother and ask Her to intercede with the Father on your behalf.  Beg Her, for this is what children do to their mothers when they truly desire something isn’t it?  Jesus and the Father are One. So when the Blessed Mother prays on your behalf what greater blessing could God’s children have?

When your child is begging you to speak to his father on their behalf and you know as a mother that your child’s desire is merited, you will stop at nothing to ensure your childs happiness. You petition the father on behalf of your child. You even beg when necessary, do you not?  Do you think your Heavenly Mother would do less for Her children. No She does More.

Reborn Christians have a deep understanding of the Word and a deep, deep love for Jesus Christ and the Father. But they also confuse the Word being steered by human thinking.  The Word is Spirit and can only be understood through the Spirit.

He says to me:

“So many have left my True Church that I built and left to the care of my Apostle, Simon bar Jonas. Named Sefus, Peter meaning the Rock.   You are Peter, and upon this Rock, I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  To you have I entrusted the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven”

They have left My Church in hopes of making life more attached to Jesus through fellowship. There lays the problem between My sheep. I want My sheep as One, led by My Son, Jesus Christ who is in Me and I am in Him. They must break bread together and receive eternal life through the Bread of Life, My Son. They must drink the wine together to remind them of the blood My Son shed in order that they might live life eternal.

To be born in the Spirit is a gift bestowed upon My people. Millions of Christians have been born again and into the Spirit, which is into Me. These are My Blessed sheep but they need to eat and drink of the vine which is Me through My Son through the bread and the wine, which He humbly gave to the Apostles to give to all called by Me, so that they may live life ever after in My Kingdom. For no one can come to My Son unless they are called by Me and no one can come to Me unless they believe in My Son who bears My Name. They must confess their sins and sin no more.

Catholics are born in the Spirit, in Me when baptized as infants. They are cleansed of  the stain of sin inherited from their forefathers. They grow in the Spirit guided by the Holy Spirit.  Understanding that I am God the Father that sent His only begotten Son to take on the sins of the world to sacrifice His life in order that mankind could be forgiven for their mountains of sin generation after generation. They pay homage to the Mother of My Beloved Son, as so should all.  Without Her the Messiah would have not yet come.  As it is She is Blessed amongst all women and all should call Her Blessed because that is what She is.  Her pray reaches deep into the heart of Heaven.  She prays for all My children.  She prays for lost souls on earth and lost souls in purgatory.  She has reached out to the people of this earth in order that they learn to love and be peaceful amongst themselves. She has taught all how to pray and how to protect themselves from evil that resides in this world.  She is the Mother of all My children. Her prays are heard above all others. She protects My children and is a lioness when they are in harm.  There is no human hierarchy that is comparable to that in Heaven.

Man refuses to hear and obey My Words.  He resists the subtle reminders from the Helper My Son has sent, when they use their free will and choose wrongly.  They choose wrongly knowing it is not My will, as long as it profits them.  Oh how mankind should be thankful on bended knee to their Blessed Mother in heaven for Her prayers. She has hope and faith that mankind will change the wickedness of his ways and She prays it loudly and is on the ears of all in Heaven.

If all would understand, that if they truly understood that I am in the Son and the Son is in Me and that the Helper, the Holy Spirit is in Us Both, then We are One in the same.

The Blessed Virgin, Mother of Heaven and earth is Sacred amongst everything and all.  How could any of My children think otherwise. My son could be born on the earth from nothing other than purity, sanctity and grace. She is Blessed and Mother of all.  The love and respect you give your earthly mother,  is it more worthy than the love and respect due to your Heavenly Mother?

Wake up My children and quarrel amongst yourselves no longer. Listen not to the words of man. Listen to the Words of your Father. I come not to destroy the world and all that is in it. I come again to redeem and renew the world.  To separate the good seed and the bad. To remove the weeds choking the vine.  To gather My flock and remove the yoke from around their necks.

Make haste and prepare your spirits. Repent for all that you know is not of Me. Eat and drink the flesh and blood of Everlasting Life.  Remain in Me and I will remain in you.”


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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