Your Humour Lord

Lord, I sit here alone, giggling out of control, visualizing my friends faces as they looked upon me, while I read Your messages out loud. Forgive me Lord for laughing.

The looks of amazement on their faces, combined with definite glimmers of concern for my mental health added to the looks of desperation on their faces hearing such words pure, truthful and strong from Your lips to mine.

They search my eyes and my face for something, anything to remind them that it is me reading what I’ve dictated from You. They cannot believe what is coming out of my mouth.

I see in their eyes how they want so desperately to believe me because they know I’ve never lied to them. Then I see their human logic kick in through their eyes and body language and they rebel against Your words and ask me if I’m okay!      LOL       :o)

Oh Lord, You told me few would believe me. I think their disbelief should upset me, but instead it has me in stitches. LOL
The looks on their faces Lord, tickles me to no end. LOL              It’s priceless!!!            LOL  :o)

You told me, You’d give me peace. I thank You for my sense of humour and Yours. You do make me laugh but You can also make me cry. Cry when You show me only a glimpse of how You used to see my soul. I promise to fight with all that I am to remain in You so You will remain in me.

It is as if watching close up shots of the facial expressions in a comedy, when witnessing my friends reactions to Your words as I read from my tattered and scribbled notebook. LOL

Father as You know, sometimes I break out in laughter as I am reading such serious messages to them. It is of course unavoidable when I look up and see their faces. I thought this was going to be hard but You have made it fun. LOL LOL

I am certain they think I am a nut but they love me all the same and deep within them they know, I would never do anything or say anything to harm them in any way. I have only loved them as You instructed.

Oh Father, You have such a grand sense of humour. I know now where I get it from.

Thank You so much for loving me. :o)


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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