Two Branches

Not too long ago, knowing you believed me meant everything.

It was the concrete in my life for as long as I can remember.

As long as you were with me, I felt strong and when you were not I felt weak.

For a long time I was without my friend. Now you are back, having travelled life’s weaving road without your friend.

Dealing with the trials of each day without her to talk it out with and she without you for support and reassurance.

We both plod down the long jagged road relying on God and our friendless selves.

We re-unite as aged friends, almost as no division existed. We are both strong and have grown our branches out and up.

Neither branch has fallen from the Tree. You on one side having grown two strong branches that have grown two more branches, still struggling to survive the winter months. Me on the other side, one branch connected firmly to the Tree, seeing for the first time many sprouts growing from all around my branch being nourished by the Tree of Life.

We have both drank from other trees but the taste proved bitter.

We have both dipped our bark to close to the fire, leaving us marred and scared as reminders not to dip too far.

We are still connected to the Tree, firmly embedded in its trunk.

Great winds are coming and the water will be over our heads.

Hold tight my friend. Dig from the arm of your branch into the trunk of the Tree and I will do the same. From each side of the Tree we dig deep and we meet in the middle, twinning our veins into the trunk and holding hands tight. We are part of the Tree. No longer fragile but strong we have found the grip securing us to the Tree. Prepared for the upcoming storm.

Do not let go sweet branch that I’ve always known. Hold tight, strengthen your grip to protect your branches and theirs.

The Tree strengthens His. We will weather the storm.

The Tree will never let go. He is rooted in perfect soil. He is the mightiest Tree of all.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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