His Souls Will Unite

There come times during our lives when we must dissect situations and break them down to their beginnings, in order to recover truth.

Layer by layer we pull away baggage, pain, regret, hurt, Ayres, facades, falseness, untruths, hypocrisy, lies, deceit and rationalisation. As we pull further the list builds. It builds with things we were not even aware of as we plod through each day on own mission. Our mission to what exactly?

By nature humans are collectors. We collect everything along the way. Not only tangible and intangible but the things we absorb through our experiences of what we see, feel, taste, smell and hear, with these wonderful gifts called senses, which are the ultimate quintet conducted by the maestro, our Souls. Our very core of sense. Who we really are.

When all logical and practical aspects would seem and prove to be the best choice, an overwhelming charge within us ignites and is, as kicking us from within, over-riding what the majority rules as correct, logical and practical. Man made labels created to buffer what is not completely understood as this is labeled by man as “Instinct or a Gutt feeling.” It is neither. It is only labeled by man to give comfort to create a way to express what he fully does not comprehend.

There is no technology, nor will there ever be, known to mankind that reveals this energy source residing in each and every one of us.

As everyone knows the human body is an intricate, detailed, extremely well thought out creation. A masterpiece indeed. It would have to be, to be able to house such energy as a soul of the spirit. Imagine creating a fleet of ships where the most powerful energy in the world is housed and is completely undetectable.

There is no man capable of this technology.

God Himself has created this fleet of ships and on His command all souls will come out of these ships and rise and unite and the world will see energy beyond their comprehension. They will see the Power of God Almighty united with all of His Souls, His Energy and the Force and Glory of this site will consume all that is unpure.

It is over, the time has come, it is already here.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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