Part 5 – For You from Him

Part 5 – For You from Him

Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 8:05pm

Remembering how he was denied, persecuted and crucified for telling the truth by the hand of mankind, made me stop and meditate on His suffering, which turned my thought to what John, Jesus’  beloved disciple said to Him. “Lord, you know they hate you and that they deny you and that they will try to kill you if you return, so why would you return?”

Jesus’ answer was, “The day has twelve hours in it. So those who walk in broad daylight do not stumble because they see the Light of this world. But if they walk during the night, they stumble because they have no Light. Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep. I will go and wake him up.”

His disciple Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, the first Pope of the Catholic Church then said, “Lord if he is asleep, he will get well.”  Jesus then said, “Lazarus is dead.”

He is back to wake all of His sheep that are asleep because they are spiritually dead. He is gathering His sheep and feeding them one last time. Those who have ears that hear, listen. He is calling. His sheep will hear Him and they will know His voice as He knows them. Wake up!

You will not hear Him with the flesh of the body. You will hear Him with the soul of your spirit because you are spirit. God Almighty said that He made us all in His likeness. Jesus who is in God and God is in Him, taught us that God is pure Spirit. If we are made in His likeness, which is spirit, then we are spirit. Don’t you understand who you really are?

Do not allow your spirit, who you really are, to die in sin in this flesh. This flesh will wither away but if you believe that Jesus is who He has told you from the very beginning He is, then you, your spirit, who you really are, will rise on the last day and join the Father of all Spirit and take your place in His Heavenly Kingdom.

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. Those who believe in Him will live even though they die. But those who live and believe in Him will never die. Do you believe this? Take the stone away from your hearts and believe and you will see God’s glory.

2,000 years ago when the public officials, the leaders of this world saw how many miracle Jesus was performing and how many souls He was saving, they met in council to find a way to stop Him.

Stop Him from what exactly? Please ask yourselves this? From healing the sick and blind or raising the dead? From walking on water and filling the nets with fish? Stop him from feeding the hungry and the poor?

Why would men who claim to lead you in order to better your lives, want to stop anyone or anything from helping you do just that? Therein lies the hypocrisy.

They did not care about the good Jesus did for the people. They were only concerned that they would loose power over the people to Jesus. They were of this world and were concerned about earthly things as wealth and power. They said between themselves, if we let Him go on in this way, then everyone will believe in Him and this will destroy our temple and our nation. So they plotted to kill Him, which Jesus already knew they would do because He came here for that very purpose. To take upon Himself our sins and die for them so that we may have life because this was the will of God the Almighty Father. Now Stop! Understand what you have just read and wake up! Realize that this is precisely the same thing that is happening now.

Those Pharisees were not going to allow God or anyone to minimize their authority or their position in society. They stopped at nothing including murder to silence Him. Yes murder! They murdered Him in broad daylight to protect their treasures, authority and status. They were the god’s of this earth in their condemned minds and they wanted to prove that to Jesus, who is One with God.

The Pharisees of today simply wear suits. They are still the children of the devil. The father of all lies. They stand in leadership of your countries, provinces, states, counties, districts, cities, neighborhoods and schools. They are the very thieves and robbers that Jesus has told you about, that are ruled by impure forces who are ruled by satan. They will stop at nothing to snatch your salvation and the Lord’s promises from you.

They are real!  Evil is real!

They know Christ is back calling His home, gathering His flock before the harvest. They want Him stopped at all costs so now they remove God from your schools, public places, your conversation and are targeting your thoughts to make God no longer a part of society and obsolete. Bit by bit they chip away at your very foundation of life in attempts to complete their plan to eliminate God from the minds, hearts and souls of all mankind, which is mans very destruction. satan does this because he hates mankind and wants only to destroy it because it is God’s most precious creation.

Do you understand that the reason there is evil is because lucifer was once one of God’s greatest angels. The most beautiful of them all. he grew full of pride and self conviction and began convincing and deluding himself that he was as great as God the Almighty. Through his sinful heart of greed, pride, lust, anger, sloth, jealousy and envy he in turn convinced other angels; and there were many; that he could over throw God. he wanted this because he was angry that God created man and gave mankind the power to walk physically on this earth with a gift that Angels have never known and that gift is free will. Angels were created by God for God and their only purpose is to serve God.

Mankind to lucifer was as, an infestation of mice, is to man. he was jealous of man and of the love God had for man because God so loved His creation.

lucifer, along with his followers therefore mounted an attack on the Thrown of God.

Heaven had never and will never again see such blood. The Mighty Angels of God mounted up and shed the blood of these fallen angels but some did believe that they had escaped. So full of self pride, anger and jealousy they had forgotten the Power of God. Great Angels of the Lord were killed and God raised His Almighty Fist.

lucifer and his followers were gathered up and cut and broken from the vine, which is God. God threw them out of Heaven for all eternity. they were cast down onto the earth and have been here since before man. they lost their wings and were condemned to crawl on their bellies. The disgrace of loosing your wings is a disgrace far greater than anything known or understood by man as these are Heavenly matters.

Man comes from God and every soul placed in human flesh during conception can only live by the breath of life that comes from God and God alone. Stop killing His children!

God knew that man would remain with Him because man came from Him. He knew with free will man would be tempted but he would always remain with Him. Man disappointed God for satan had entered into man because man did not yet understand the power of his gift of free will. For it is a power that only mankind possess. A power created by God for man. It is a power that can be wielded in two ways. It can be wield for good and it can be wield for bad. The good and the bad can never be combined. For man cannot serve two masters.

satan and his fallen angels entered into almost all of mankind and God had no choice but to destroy man and begin again with the seed of the only man out of all mankind to remain in God and that man was Noe. Because Noe remained in God, God remained in him. The seed of Noe, multiplied and replenished the earth under the command of God Almighty in the way that God instructed them to do so. Mankind continued to remain in God so God remains in Him.

He knew before His second attempt to perfect man, that because of the gift of free will that some would fall prey to satan and his legion of fallen angels. God also knew that this time man was made better as he was molded in His own likeness and he now branched from seed of faith created by the good use of mans gift of free will. Mankind owes much to the faith and obedience of Noe and his seed. Everyone ridiculed Noe. Noe obeyed God and prayed for them. Because of the faith and belief of one man, the whole world now exists. Noe heard God’s call because with his free will he chose to hear. Can you hear? Listen!

The world now is filled with good seed of faith and belief. The flock is gathering and has grown strong in numbers. The good seed is also growing amongst the seed of evil. Weeds will always try to choke the vine of good seed because that is what it must do. It must take the very life from the vine to survive. It does this bit by bit, day by day and it will do so until it is pulled up by the roots and destroyed. If it is not pulled up by the roots and destroyed it will become the destroyer of all that is good. Those who have ears to hear, listen! The good harvest grows alongside the weeds and the weeds have multiplied and are choking the life of all that is not yet grown to maturity in order to defend itself on its own any longer. Even the strong grow weak. The weeds are killing the new sprouts before they can even come out of the ground.

Lead by the Father Almighty, St. Michael the Archangel and God’s Glorious League of Angels have drawn their sickles and are plucking out the weeds by the roots, preparing the way for the Great Harvest to be reaped by Jesus the assigned judge by God. This is the beginning of sorrows.

The disciple Matthew wrote diligently when Jesus told His blessed Twelve about what was to happen and what was to come. He instructed Them in exact detail, in order, as to the signs of His return to reap the Harvest of the seeds planted by the Father. The good seed struggling now to survive the gripping choke of the weeds, must turn to the Light and drink from the River of Life if they are to survive, not only the choke of the weeds but the pulling and plucking process that the Angels have commenced.

Those who stay in the Light will survive. They will witness the Reaper gathering up the weeds, bundle them and throw them into the fire to be destroyed forever. They will witness The Reaper raising Them, the Good Seed, back to life. Such is the same with mankind. The time is coming, the time is already here.

Those who have ears that can hear and eyes that can see, wake up and see your Reaper in all His glory.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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